Passengers: Those living in Yellow Springs or Miami Township, who are seniors or individuals who cannot drive for medical reasons. Passenger must be able to get in and out of the vehicle with minimal assistance.

Types of Rides: Medical and social service appointments, including critical shopping and programs at YSSC.

Hours of Availability: Monday thru Friday 9:30am to 4:00pm. Requests for medical rides outside of these hours will be reviewed and scheduled if possible. There is no transportation service on the weekends, holidays or when the Center is closed due to weather conditions.

Destinations: Greene, Clark and Montgomery Counties. Dependent upon the need, occasionally medical rides are given outside of these areas.

Drivers: All drivers for this service are volunteers.

Donations: There is no charge for the transportation service. Passengers are encouraged to become YSSC members and any donation is gratefully accepted.

Ride Request Process: For local rides in Yellow Springs, the passenger is asked to give a 3 day notice. For requests outside of Yellow Springs, at least 4 business days is needed. If the passenger knows the date of their appointment more in advance, receiving an earlier request is appreciated.

To submit a Ride Request Form, click here.