Rise & Shine Exercise – Work out kinks with easy movements that can be done sitting or standing.

Seated Volleyball – Non-competitive with light-weight beach balls.

Yoga with Joyce– Beginner’s yoga, on the floor or seated, 3 x week.

Weight Training – Taught by experienced body builder especially for seniors.

Qi Gong Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention.

Western scientific research confirms that Qi Gong reduces hypertension and the incidence of falling. One of the more important long-term effects is that Qi Gong reestablishes the body/mind/soul connection. The group follows an easy DVD on the big screen.

Dancing with Parkinson’s

For people with Parkinson’s and their spouses or caregivers. This movement class is simple, fun, free-form choreography performed to music, to get the body moving in a way that feels good, enjoyable and socially engaging. The participant works at his/her own potential on that day. Exercises can be modified to suit each individual’s level of comfort and ability. This particular class has been shown to have positive effects on gait speed, strength, balance, and quality of life.

Moving to Heal – Learn to shed habitual tensions that are often at the root of pain and limitation. Improve ability to move with ease and coordination; simple movement sequences to many kinds of music, led by Dimi Reber.

Tai Chi for Balance & Tai Chi Chuan Classes

Tai chi –  A gentle form of low or no impact exercise helps maintain strength, flexibility, and balance. Lowers blood pressure, improves heart health, reduces inflammation and many more benefits. It could be the perfect activity for you. Two different classes per week.

Master Dee Arianne Rockwood is an accomplished martial artists and Tai Chi Master.


The focusing of your Internal Strength in support of your physical body by controlled movement and breathing.

Possible Outcomes (per published literature)

  • Increased BALANCE and Coordination- beneficial in the recovery of STROKE and or INJURY , as well as, improving and maintaining your FLEXIBILITY .
  • Regaining MENTAL ACUITY , sharpening focus; some medical evidence of helping to fight dementia.
  • Oxygenation of your blood & stimulation of Cardio-Vascular System.
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM strengthened by expanding & cleaning  the Lungs through the stretching & revitalizing of the capillaries for more efficient exchange of Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide
  • This Ancient Chinese form of Exercise has the reputation for increasing longevity of it’s practitioners.

Program Note: Dee second class, Tai Chi Chuan, is held in the Great Room on Thursday evenings at 6:30PM.

In 2018, Dee was recognized and honored with the United States Martial Arts Platinum Achievement Hall of Fame/Hall of Heroes Award for 60 years of active learning, teaching, and competing in Martial Arts!

Inductees into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame are carefully selected from thousands of nominations and are recognized for what they have given back to the arts and to their communities.