Beginner Mahjong – Learn to play this game of mental finesse and complex strategies – an excellent mental workout that really IS fun.

Mahjong – Join the regulars in this cognitive game, requiring  players to use attention, memory, planning and calculation skills.

Bridge – Duplicate bridge is a pleasantly competitive table sport. Join us every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm in the great room. Call Susan for more information at 767-0235.

Euchre – Ohio is known to groom great euchre players. A fun, quick playing, competitive game that can be learned easily, though mastering it might take a few years of “getting set” or, worse yet, “getting skunked.” Join us every Thursday afternoon for a few rounds to increase brain power, improve your skill at bluster and just have a good time with others. All that laughter you have heard in the building on Thursdays? …well, this is the group!

Rummikub –  color & number game with tiles.